NBA Players
Paul Pierce "Andy showed me how to improve my free throw shooting. My percentage is at a career high."
- Paul Pierce
Jerry Stackhouse "Andy helped me improve my shooting form. My free throw and field goal percentages increased thanks to Andy's coaching."
- Jerry Stackhouse
Drew Gooden "I want to thank Andy for his help with my shooting form. I increased my free throw percentage from 63% to 81% in one season after Andy coached me"
- Drew Gooden
Tyson Chandler "Andy has totally changed my shot and confidence. He is the best shooting coach I ever worked with."
- Tyson Chandler
Antoine Walker "Andy helped me improve my free throw percentage by 15%. I'm much more confident in my shooting from the foul line."
- Antoine Walker
Jamal Crawford "Andy analyzed my shooting and offensive moves and immediately made me better."
- Jamal Crawford
Kirk Hinrich "Andy helped me with my shooting technique and gave me two things to work on that helped me make shots on a consistent basis."
- Kirk Hinrich
Alonzo Mourning "Andy is one of the greatest shooters ever and he is an even better shooting coach. He picks up the small things in the shot that really make a difference."
- Alonzo Mourning

"I have been spending hundreds of dollars on basketball camps and private lessons over the last few years and my daughter still could not shoot. After watching Coach Enfield's shooting video, she learned more in 30 minutes about shooting than she has in the last 5 years combined."

"After Coach Enfield's instruction, my son shot the lights out during his summer league game. I must have had 10 parents come up to me to ask what I did with him and how he learned to shoot all of a sudden. Coach - I had to tell them the secret - you're the best!"

"Wow, that guy (Coach Enfield) can shoot! The most impressive thing though is how well he teaches shooting. My kids spend more time practicing than ever before. Thank you Coach!"

"What a return on Investment! After seeing how much my son improved in a short time, it was the best money I ever spent (to purchase the All Net Video and shooting device)."

"After watching the All Net Shooting Video, my daughter has been in our driveway every day using the shooting strap and practicing her new shooting form. She shocked me when she made 24 foul shots in a row. I think her record before was 8 in a row."


"Andy's NBA results speak for themselves. He is a great teacher of shooting."
- Rick Pitino: Head Coach, University of Louisville

"Andy looks at a player's shot and can pick up on a minor flaw. Results are what we are after, and Andy gets results."
- Gary Williams: Head Coach, University of Maryland

"In 30 years of coaching, I have attended many clinics. Andy Enfield's was the most effective of any I have ever attended. It has had an immediate positive impact on the shooting performance of my players"
- Lou Panzanaro: Head Coach, Peekskill High School

"Education is always worth the price. Andy Enfield's shooting video: Now that's an education."
- Jim Dooley: Head coach, Delone Catholic High School

"It's obvious that Andy is a great shooter but the most impressive thing is that he is a better teacher of shooting - whether it's to a NBA All Star or to an elementary school player. Andy gets it done!"
- Randy Taylor: Head Coach, Scotland High School

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